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You know about the side of Cabo San Lucas with the nice beaches and upscale restaurants. You've seen all the videos of the music and parties.

But there's another Cabo—The Other Side of Cabo—where physical, psychological and spiritual poverty exists.​

Yes, the physical poverty there is evidenced by the pallet homes and sewage running down the dirt neighborhood streets. But there's the other types of poverty there, often not seen with human eyes, where hopelessness exists, persists and grows.​

It's at this intersection of physical, psychological and spiritual poverty that we seek to provide hope for the future of 50 children and their families on...

The Other Side

of Cabo

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Helping Irvin with Flight School

It was on the streets of Acapulco that his mother, Laura, tried to cover 9-year-old's eyes when a cartel hitman killed somebody in front of him. Sadly, she didn't cover them well enough, and Irving saw his head explode. Then, a short time later, his uncle was also murdered in Acapulco.


It was time for a move.


The family came to Cabo San Lucas in 2015. Through luck or the grace of God—you can choose which—Irving is one of the few, fortunate poor kids in Mexico. His parents wanted he and his younger siblings to escape poverty. They made sure Irving studied, even while other families put their young children to work to help pay household bills. Irvin's parents understood that education was the way OUT of poverty.


Irvin grew up in a two-room plywood and pallet home with dirt floors—with about 10 other relatives. These living conditions are normal for most Mexicans who live here in Cabo San Lucas. While the south side of Cabo is indeed a party town, most workers live on the north side—what we call "The Other Side of Cabo." Cabo consists mostly of poor Mexicans just trying to find work.


Irvin and his younger brother, Erick, are both strong students, likely because their parents make them study. They know education is how to escape poverty. Most of the 50 children husband John and I work with in Cabo do not have that sort of parental push. Not many of our other 50 children are succeeding like Irving and his brother.


I told Irving years ago that if he stayed in school we would help him reach his dreams.Even at age 10, while selling bobble-headed "choros" toys on the beach, Irving would fly them above his head. He once flirted with medical school—for years he nursed fighting cocks back to life after they lost in the ring and were about to be killed. But he returned to his passion: flight.


Irvin is the first child within his extended family (of about 100 relatives) to ever finish middle school or high school. He is the perfect young man to invest in!


He began Calafia Flight School in late August 2023. Calafia is a Mexican airlines that trains and then hires its students as commercial pilots. After a few years, they can fly for any airlines they want.


But Irvin's flight school expenses have increased, as has our financial commitment to him.




In August 2023, we helped Irvin start flight school, on his way to becoming a commercial airline pilot! His aviation school is three years in length and has two parts—Year One is completion of his private pilot license. Year Two & Year Three leads to his Commercial Pilots license. That commercial license may be completed at his present school in La Paz (just north of Cabo). Or, with the help of a dozen U.S. pilots on Irvin's team, he may complete it in the United States.


We have raised much of Irvin's Year One costs of $15,000 (including the cost of in-air flight training), But we need a remaining $6,000 help to cross that "Step One" finish line


In a later Go Fund Me campaign I will talk with you about the addition two years of commercial pilot training that will cost an additional $20,000 per year. But it is this remaining $6,000 with which we now need your help! If you can provide a one-time gift or a continuing financial commitment of $20 per month —or even $100 per month, or any other amount—Irving will escape the poverty that the rest of his family—parents, siblings, cousins and friends—are all experiencing now. 


You can donate here through GoFundMe with one-time donations. Or, if you want to make automatic monthly donations, please visit the payment portion of our website,


Want to see more about Irvin's life story? Please watch these videos on You Tube: 

The Other Side of Cabo, PART 1:


The Other Side of Cabo, PART 2:


The Other Side of Cabo, PART 3 (Focus on Irvin):


Imagine how his success story will influence and motivate his family members as well as the other 49 children we work with in Cabo! With your help by becoming part of our team, we can bring HOPE for all and an ESCAPE PLAN from poverty.


Please help us help him.



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